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“Providing world-class financial forecast modeling services for any people”

What If Analysis with Logo

Nice to meet you, thank you for visiting our website.

My name is Takahiro, the representative of “Zen Consulting”, who specializes in financial strategy analysis and international business.

In today’s turbulent world, management strategies that can respond flexibly are extremely important. And to that end, building an insightful financial strategy is essential.

In particular, I have special strengths in know-how to quickly create financial forecast models based on estimated supply and demand, find parameters that can be uses as a basis, and connect them to management strategies for new product development and new businesses of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Here, we introduce financial forecast model creation support services for various business people who are thinking of playing an active role from a global perspective. We sell the model used at work as an Excel template recreated for the general public. If you wish, it is also available with one-month premium learning support.

We believe that it is our mission to provide high added value through the services.

About Our Financial Services

We currently offer two services.

The first is to provide learning support products and services mainly for creating your own financial forecast model.

Creating from Business Model to Financial Forecast Model
Creating from Business Model to Financial Forecast Model

Here, we introduce this service and recommend it to any business person who is interested.

The reason we recommend this is that it is affordable and easy to add value to our customers.

For example,

  • Efficient skill acquisition by self-study is possible.
  • Customers create their own financial forecast models, so no information is leaked to the outside world.
  • Ideal for business owners and entrepreneurs, or any business people who want to advance their career.

The second is a financial strategy consulting service. It is introduced on another page.

The book “NINE LEADERS IN ACTION” published by FIRMSconsulting, a US strategy consulting firm that trains consultants, introduces some of my strategic techniques. This is a tailor-made service that meets the needs of our customers.

What is Financial Forecast Model?

“A financial forecast model is a tool used to forecast a financial performance of a business based on historical information and assumptions.”

Financial models are created for a variety of reasons, including strategic planning, project investment, M&A transaction, and corporate valuation. In our case, it is primarily for strategic planning of new business or new product development, as well as investment and financing decisions for those projects.

Use of Financial Model

Since this service is aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals, we mainly focus on estimated supply and demand based financial forecasting models and their integrated models.

One of the reasons for focusing on supply and demand assumptions and analysis is that small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals often do not have the necessary data to predict future businesses.

Therefore, if supply and demand assumptions can be set based on the business judgment of the business operator and a forecast model can be created, the customer will have a strong competitive advantage over other companies in the fields of finance and management strategy.

Supply vs Demand

In addition, since sales, costs, profits, etc. are expressed numerically in any business, knowledge of model creation will be a plus for your career advancement. Furthermore, if you can draw the whole picture in your head, your work efficiency will improve.

Besides, there is also a Year-over-Year growth rate model for those in charge of finance.

Why is Financial Model So Important?

“It is very important in business planning to formulate a business strategy based on hypotheses and financial analysis. A financial model is needed to perform financial analysis from various perspectives.”

Relationship between hypothesis, business strategy and financial model:

  • A business strategy outline is drafted based on the hypothesis, and a financial forecast model is created based on the drafted business strategy.
    • There are two ways to build a hypothesis, one is to structure the task and then the other is to build it directly.
  • Then, modify the hypothesis based on the analysis results and insights of the financial forecast model.
  • Based on the revised hypothesis, we will improve the management strategy of our clients.

Our service here applies to the red text above.

Hypothesis & Strategy & Financial Model
Hypothesis & Strategy & Financial Model Cycle

Supplement: Building hypothesis and business strategy is provided by the financial strategy consulting service.

Financial Model Services Map

The following is a summary of the financial forecasting model products currently offered or planned to be offered by difficulty level.

Financial Forecast Model Services Map
Financial Forecast Model Services Map

The first “EC Basic” is a financial forecast model created assuming new product development. Since we only handle one product, I think it is simple and easy to understand as a whole. For beginners.

The second “EC single” is a financial forecasting model created assuming a single new business. Since this handles multiple products in the same category, it is a general-purpose model that is easy to use even in actual business.

And the last “EC multi” is assumed to be a new business in a complex. Since we handle multiple different categories of products, the sales unit is also different. In addition, this model also considers subsidized projects. This model was recreated as a learning template for general business people based on what I wrote in the “LEADERSHIP THROUGH FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT” chapter of the book “NINE LEADERS IN ACTION”. If you are interested in what kind of calculation I did and wrote it, please consider it.

Note: To purchase the consolidated model, you need to purchase the applicable top-down model and bottom-up model in advance. And in order to purchase the scenario model, it is necessary to purchase the corresponding consolidated model in advance.

Main Benefits of Our Service

The benefits are summarized below.

  • Learn how to create a financial forecast model based on supply and demand
    • How to set up input assumptions
    • How to calculate to create financial statements
    • How to analyze based on assumptions and financial statements
    • How to output effective charts and derive insights
    • How to create an integrated model
    • How to create a model with scenario function
  • Identify parameters that have an impact on sales
    • Supplement: Specific measures to solve the problem can be taken.
  • Identify cost items that are impacting profitability
  • Make a sustainable cash flow plan
  • With summary dashboard designed for A4 printing
    • Supplement: You can create a concise and cohesive report.
  • Possible to receive learning support by purchasing the applicable product or service
    • Supplement: The consultant will reply to you directly by email.
    • For example, if it is difficult to explain in sentences, we will draw a diagram and answer.
Dashboard for A4 Printing
Dashboard for A4 Printing

In addition to the above merits, since this service is intended for international business, we refer to some of the methods of the following global companies so that the quality will be acceptable even for the first-class companies.

For example, for the hypothesis construction method by structuring and the basic theory of assumptions setting and estimation calculation, we referred to the method of “FIRMSconsulting”. It is a company where former McKinsey partners also participate and teach to train consultants. “FIRMSconsulting” is also the publisher of the book “NINE LEADERS IN ACTION” that I wrote as one of the co-authors.

Next, the “Corporate Finance Institute” is referred to for the basic design of the financial forecast model and the process of financial analysis. I found this format and analytical method to be the easiest to see and gain insights I’ve ever seen.

If you want to learn the basics of business strategy and financial model, please check each website.

By the way, creating a financial forecast model based on estimated supply and demand using Excel and building a consolidated model are my original methods accumulated from scratch based on knowledge and experience.

I still have a lot to learn, but I hope it serves as an example of the work of an international standards strategic consultant.

Cases where Our Services are Useful

Our models are designed assuming the following cases.

1. Launching new businesses

When selling multiple products in one business:

We are creating a financial forecast model assuming the following business model diagram.

EC Single Business Model
EC Single Business Model

When selling a product in multiple businesses:

We are creating a financial forecast model assuming the following business model diagram.

EC Multi Business Model
EC Multi Business Model

Note: This model also considers the use of subsidies.

2. New Product Development

When developing and selling a product:

We are creating a financial forecast model assuming the following business model diagram.

EC Basic Business Model
EC Basic Business Model

3. Other Cases

Besides, it should also be applicable when market size estimation and competitive analysis are required in situations where data is difficult to obtain.

Recommended People

We recommend this service to the following people.

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Project and planning managers
  • Treasury people
  • Any other business people thinking about career advancement

Main Model Overview

Here, we will introduce three main financial forecast models.

Forecast Method 1: Top-Down Analysis

Top-down analysis is a method of estimating sales and costs by assuming market demand, that is, how many people are interested in a client’s products and services.

In the lower business model diagram, the estimation calculation is performed from top to bottom.

Top-Down Business Model Diagram
Top-Down Business Model Diagram

Forecast Method 2: Bottom-Up Analysis

Bottom-up analysis is a method of estimating sales and costs by assuming production supply, that is, how much product production capacity the client has.

In the lower business model diagram, the estimation calculation is performed from Bottom to Top.

Bottom-Up Business Model Diagram
Bottom-Up Business Model Diagram

Consolidated Model:

This is our most advanced and complex content, so we’ll just show you here what you can do by integrating top-down and bottom-up analysis.

The biggest advantage is that you can theoretically predict the future of a more realistic business. By combining each analysis, you can reduce the weaknesses and take advantage of the strengths. It also helps you determine sales volume targets and sales targets.

Consolidated Business Model Diagram
Consolidated Business Model Diagram
Realistic Gross Revenue Estimates
Realistic Gross Revenue Estimates

Other Analyses:

Year-over-year growth rate analysis calculates year-over-year changes in sales and builds a financial forecast model based on it.

Year Over Year Growth Rate Analysis
Year over Year Growth Rate Analysis

Main Features and Functions

Here, we would like to introduce the main features and functions of our model.

Analysis Completed in One Page

All the items required for financial analysis are summarized on one page of the worksheet. The figure below has each section collapsed for full viewing.

Analysis Completed in One Page

Note: Only models with scenarios are divided into a page summarizing each scenario and a page for analysis.

Just Input Once

Enter the information you assume in the input section once to create financial statements, analytical calculations, and output charts.

Just Input Once

Prepare Three Financial Statements

Create an income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement by Excel.

Prepare Three Financial Statements
Three Financial Statements

Automatic Calculation of Analysis

It automatically calculates some of the important analyzes in business strategy formulation.

Customer Metrics, Break-Even Analysis, Ratio Analysis
Customer Metrics, Break-Even Analysis, Ratio Analysis

Output to Charts

Output to series of prepared charts.

A Series of Prepared Charts

Model with Scenario Function

Finally, I would like to introduce an integrated model with a scenario function. You can easily change the output by selecting a scenario. This is mainly for financial professionals as it is time consuming to create.

Output Dashboard by Scenario
Output Dashboard by Scenario

Optional Service and Benefits

Here, we will introduce optional service and some benefits for purchasers.

1. Premium Learning Support

If you purchase the applicable product or service, we will provide you with a learning support for financial forecasting models by email. Ideal for those who want to study the model comprehensively.

For example, if you want to know the following:

  • How to use financial model or Excel
  • How to input assumptions
  • How to analyze financial model
  • Want to know why such a calculation is made
  • Want to know why this happens
  • Any other questions for learning purposes
Why do you do this kind of calculation?
“Why do you do this kind of calculation?”

Now, if you purchase a financial forecast model with a premium learning support, you will receive a month of special support. For example, if it is difficult to answer your question with only sentences, we will draw a simple diagram to help you understand.

For more information, please see this “About Support” page.

2. Learning Material Benefits

Aside from the instruction manual, free learning materials will be attached to the purchaser as a benefit.

First-Time Purchase Benefit:

For first-time customers, we will attach learning material that mainly explains the basic theory of top-down analysis and bottom-up analysis, as well as financial analysis and output charts.

Learning Material Benefits Sample
Learning Material Benefits Sample

Repeat Purchase Privilege:

Next, customers who purchase two or more financial models will receive a repeat purchase benefit. This document briefly walks you through the process of how we created the financial statements.

Simple Case Study

We will explain in more specific case so that you can get a clearer image of the benefits of our services.

For example, consider applying for a subsidized project. You need to explain to government supervisor your planned future prospects so that the business can be approved.

If you are a proven manager, it may be sufficient to explain sales forecasts and necessary costs from past experience, but if you do not have a track record, you may be scrutinized.

By summarizing the data using our financial forecasting model template, you can clarify the rationale for your plan.

Furthermore, all models include break-even analysis, so you can easily simulate how many products you need to sell to reach your sales goals and how much profit you will make.

The person in charge at the government office is different every time, so we cannot say unconditionally, but since detailed data may be required for subsidy grant, the financial forecasting model is a very encouraging tool in such cases.

Note: Our models are general-purpose for learning, so it is necessary to change the business model diagram and assumptions, such as the number of products handled, in order to utilize them in your real business.


In summary, “Zen Consulting” offers world-class financial forecast modeling support services for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals. With Excel from Microsoft Office, you can simulate business anytime, anywhere while maintaining great flexibility and scalability.

We sincerely hope that your business and work potential will expand and improve leveraging our services.

Yours sincerely,
Takahiro Ajimizu


Takahiro Ajimizu Profile Picture

Takahiro Ajimizu is a global financial strategist in Japan, specializing in business strategy and financial analysis, with many years of international experiences.

In 2021, he launched the “Zen Consulting” internet service, which integrates his various experiences and provides high-quality financial strategies that help our customers succeed in their businesses.

He co-authored “NINE LEADERS IN ACTION” published by “FIRMSconsulting” company in the United States in 2022. Became a new release bestseller in multiple categories on the US Amazon site.

He designed and developed corporate website as a leader in e-commerce project. It has grown into a site visited by an average of 15,000 unique users per month within a few years.

In the agricultural project, Takahiro cultivated Chinese and Western herbs, translated technical materials for cutting-edge environmental control systems imported from overseas, and offered operational support for those systems.

He not only developed new products and created marketing plans for existing products, but also designed guidelines with reference to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) for food safety.

In government and local government subsidies, Takahiro compiled the materials and all applications have been accepted so far.

He graduated from Queensland University of Technology in Australia with a major in electrical and computer engineering. He participated in a microsatellite development project, commonly known as JAESat, as a leader in the telemetry subsystem.

Website URL:


YouTube Channel:


Our focus is to provide high added value to our clients on a global level. We make the most of our financial strategy know-how to achieve this.

Work Policy

  • Keep promises and deliver on time
  • Concise and easy to understand deliverables
  • Be logical, creative, and thus insightful
  • Willing to share our business expertise
  • Protect the personal information of our clients


The detailed information of the book is summarized on another page. Please click the link below.


Publisher: FIRMSconsulting

Confirmed Microsoft Office Software

It has been confirmed to work with the following office software.

  • Microsoft 365 (or Office 365)
  • Office Home and Business Premium

Caution: Some features may not be supported by different versions of Microsoft Office products. For example, we have confirmed that waterfall charts do not display properly in older versions.

Recommended PC Environment

  • Monitor size of 23 inches or more
  • Full HD resolution or higher
    • WQHD or 4K is best for overall visibility

Important Matters for Using the Services

Finally, all financial model templates provided are for educational purposes. Please note that the initially inputted data is for reference only. In actual business, please prepare your own data and conduct calculation at your own risk.

In addition, the important thing in using these templates is to grasp the parameters that are impacting the management figures in advance, rather than whether the financial forecasts are correct.

Through the PDCA (i.e., Plan, Do, check, and Action) cycle, we will improve our business while constructing hypotheses, creating model, analyzing, verifying, and correcting existing hypotheses. These are the scope of business strategy.

Our service is intended for small and medium-sized enterprise and individual business. In the case of large companies that are publicly traded, they usually purchase market data and data of competitors and perform competitor analysis and precedent transaction analysis from there. However, these methods are not realistic for many our clients.

Therefore, we would like to introduce “Business Judgement” as one of the most important skills to master our service. Simply put, this is the ability to derive sharp insights from knowledge, experience, and intuition. I think that many successful business leaders have this ability.

It is beyond the scope of this service, so I will stop here. If you are thinking of starting a business or running a company, you often do not have the necessary data, so please consider refining your business judgement. Business model and assumptions derived from good business judgement are more likely to result in realistic answers in financial forecasting.

Please keep these in mind so that you can receive the maximum added value from our service.

Follow the links below to access each financial model services.