New Product Development Model

1. New Product Development Financial Forecast Model (with logo)

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This “E-Commerce Basic Financial Forecast Model” was created on the assumption that a company will develop a new product and sell it online.

The development of frozen strawberry food is taken as an example here. Strawberries, which are the raw materials, are procured from outside farmers, and the strawberry preparation such as cleaning and sorting, freezing, packing and online sales are carried out in-house. The approach of thinking is similar for many other product developments.

EC Basic Business Model
EC Basic Business Model

It is the most fundamental content of our financial services, and is intended for any business people, including business owners, corporate managers and entrepreneurs. There should be some useful parts for those in charge of finance.

Since it is assumed that there is sufficient production and supply capacity here, priority is given to analysis from market demand.

Demand analysis is prioritized because supply is greater than demand

It is a big advantage to be able to judge how much sales can be expected every year from the viewpoint of market demand and what factors are affecting sales. Such estimation calculation and analysis methods are called “Top-Down Analysis”. In addition to sales, costs, and profits, the capital and cash flows are calculated based on the estimated market demand.

We have created a series of charts and graphs that are useful for analysis and presentation. It also includes a dashboard designed for printing on A4 paper, which is useful for creating concise and easy-to-understand reports.

In the EC basic model, important charts are prepared in the template
View Important Charts and Graphs in Template
EC basic model has a dashboard for report creation & printing
Useful When Creating or Printing Reports

If you are purchasing for the first time, please consider this basic model first. The calculation is relatively simple compared to other models, so the overall logic is easy to understand.

It comes with an instruction manual so you can get an overall picture of your financial analysis. Starting from the overview of financial model, it explains how to enter data into Excel, the flow of calculation, how to read financial statements, analysis results, and output charts, and how to print on A4 paper, etc. Furthermore, we have tried to include supplementary notes in the template as much as possible to help understanding.

The EC basic model has additional notes to help understanding
Supplementary notes are added in the template

This model is recommended for anyone who understands the basics of Excel.

  • Target of this model: Any business people
  • Required Excel proficiency: Beginner to intermediate level

Built-in Features

  • Setting Assumptions
  • Top-Down Revenue, Expenses, and Balance Sheet Estimations
  • Creating Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement
  • Customer Index for Analysis
  • Break-Even Analysis
  • Valuation
  • Output Charts and Graphs
  • Ratio & Pyramid Analysis
  • Summary Dashboard
List of functions in Excel built into the EC basic model
List of functions on Excel (The image is collapsed to show the whole)

Selling Prices

1. EC Basic Top-Down Financial Forecast Model

Contents:“1-1. EC Basic Top-Down Financial Forecast Model”
– Excel Template 2022 – English
– One Main Worksheet
– One Summary Dashboard for A4 Printing
Instruction Manual (English)
Supplementary Information:– From Basic to Standard Level
– Approximately 1,000 rows of Excel worksheet 
Selling Price:
Template only
Price: $198 per model
– With One Week Template Technical Support
– For those who learn and solve by themselves
Selling Price:
Template + Premium Support
Price: $418 per model with premium support
– With One Month Premium Learning Support
– For those who want to learn efficiently
– There is a limit to the number of people

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$70 or $50 discount applies to both existing customer who have introduced a new customer and an introduced new customer.

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