Publication Introduction

Here, we would like to introduce the books that are currently being published.


Written Chapter Title:“Leadership Through Financial Management”
Author:Takahiro Ajimizu
Supplementary Information:– English notation
– Available for purchase on Amazon

“FIRMSconsulting” is a US consulting company that trains strategic consultants with front-line skills. A former McKinsey partner also teaches here. I am a member of this service and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to publish this book.

As one of the nine authors, I was in charge of one chapter. The main theme of this book is “Leadership”. Therefore, I wrote about leadership from the perspective of financial strategy by mobilizing all my knowledge and experience.

To give you an overview of the chapter, it starts with an explanation of my theory, and based on that theory, leadership is discussed in a flow that is close to actual consulting. It explains how a strategy consultant thinks and how the entire process works.

This is what I wanted to read when I was in my twenties. Although the number of pages was limited, I packed as much as possible the important attitude and know-how as a leader.

By the way, if you purchase this book and email me a review of my chapter, I will send you the three financial statements (i.e., income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement) used in this book as a bonus. The deadline is March 31, 2023.

Finally, since some people responded before the book was released, I recreated the financial forecast model for the general public based on the contents of this book and commercialized it. That is the “EC Multi Financial Forecast Model”. If you’re curious about what calculations I made to write the book, please consider purchasing the product.